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My Weekend Thus Far

So pros and con list:

Pro - I am in the Italian Alps at a ski resort.
Con - I spent the last 24 hours getting here.
Pro - I have a whole week of vacation ahead of me during which I will bum around said resort.
Con - I have had maybe two hours of sleep in the last 26 hours, none of it in a bed, and my body is seriously confused about the whole 9 hour time difference.
Pro - I read Wizard's First Rule during this journey. And I have opinions! But more on that later.
Con - I only have one other book with me (the second in the series) and might run out of reading material by the end of the week. Once again, I have underestimated my reading speed, especially when trapped on planes.
Pro - I have internet access!
Con - I have not gotten a chance to watch the latest LotS episode because, you know, traveling and won't get to for another week as I suspect that the bandwidth here is not sufficient to support hulu.
Pro - Did I mention the Italian Alps?

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Reading is Sexy

Fantasy Book Recommendations

Hello to everyone new on my flist. In honor of my new crack show, Legend of the Seeker (yes, it's cheesy standard fantasy, but it's very pretty and fun, and shut up), I'm doing a post which I've meaning to get around to for ages: recommendations of fantasy books. For all of you who don't know me, I read a lot. Specifically, I read a lot of fantasy despite my mother's best efforts to get me to read other things (which I do, just not as often). For this post, I'm going to stay away from the truly obvious such as Lord of the Rings and Mists of Avalon - I do recommend them, just you all have heard of them already.

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This is not even close to an exhaustive list of stuff to read, but hopefully you found something new. Do me a favor - if you're ever in Berkeley, stop by The Other Change of Hobbit on Shattuck Ave. It's a small independent fantasy book store with a very helpful staff who recommended several of these books to me originally.
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TV wrap-up

I was thinking about about doing a post on my life as it's been a while, but then I thought that I'm not terribly interested in talking about me at the moment. For those of you who are interested, here it is in short form: a) After a terrifically crappy year, I managed to graduate (finally!). b) I moved to Pasadena. c) I'm now officially over-educated and under-employed and facing a truly terrible job market. d) I'm spending my days job-searching, which generally involves people not calling me back and watching a lot of TV, 'cause what else am I going to do? I was sick all last week, so I REALLY watched a lot of TV. And that segues into my wrap-up.

New (to me) shows that I've been watching and thoughts there of:

Weeds, through part of Season 2 - This is a odd sort of show. I kind of like it, but I'm not sure that I like any of the characters in it, which is why I haven't continued watching. Nancy seems perpetually smug. The plot is engaging though.

The West Wing, Season 1 - Surprisingly, I love this show. I didn't think that it would be my kind of thing, but it really makes full use of Aaron Sorkin's considerable talents. I love the witty dialogue and most of the characters (Mandy and Sam being the notable exceptions). Charlie is AWESOME. I love Josh and I really love the Josh and Donna dynamic. Just about every supporting character is good, even the one-shots. I look forward to seeing the rest of the show. I am mostly unspoiled, so normal spoiler-phobia applies.

Sports Night - After seeing The West Wing, I decided to follow through on all those VM4 recommendations from so long ago and finally decide whether Dan or Casey is cooler. And my answer is ... I don't know. I do know that Dana's dating plan sucks. This show was uneven in a lot of ways, but it managed to strike greatness every now and then. Dan's on-air apology was the moment that convinced me to go on with watching.

Mad Men, 1 1/2 episodes - I realize that rampant sexism is kind of the point with this show, but UGH. When I despise nearly every character, it makes it really difficult to watch. Don't know if I'll bother with the rest of it.

True Blood - Speaking of uneven shows ... I loved a good two-thirds of the first season and then the season finale just fell flat. I like how this show doesn't feel like a knock-off of every other vampire show/book out there. It has a lot of unique elements and many of the characters are very engaging. At the same time, there's a fairly heavy trash element. Vampirism has equaled sex since ever, but there's sex and then there's made-for-cable sex. It's certainly approaching if not firmly ensconced in soft-core porn. Jason alone - good Lord, boy. Because of the crappy finale, I'm no longer sure how I feel about the show as a whole, but there was a lot of good stuff in it. And sex.

Shows that I mean to catch up on soon: Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, the rest of The West Wing, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

What have you all been watching?
Crackers Don't Matter

Dr. Who

So I've never seen this show before, but everyone else seems to watch so I finally got around to it. The new series anyway - there's no way I'm slogging through all thirty years of it. So far I've seen Season 1.

I like it quite a lot, though it does have some rather glaring flaws to get past. The primary one is the utter ugliness of its look. The show began in the 60's and still looks as if it were filmed in the 60's. The special effects are AWFUL. The villains generally look dumb, with especial mention for THE villain - the Daleks. Flying trashcans with evil plungers are ... stupid. Almost everything is filmed on set, and it looks it. It's just not an attractively filmed show.

What generally rescues the show is the acting by the leads and the fact that the show likes to have fun - it doesn't take itself seriously. Rose is adorable and I love Eccleston as the Doctor - I'm really going to miss him. The show does a good job with continuity - which is no joke when time travel is involved. The emotional journeys add a needed weight to a show which is otherwise rather silly.

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I have not seen anything past Season 1 (except for "The Girl in the Fireplace" and "Blink") - so no spoiling me.