gymble (gymble) wrote,

I Criticize Because I Love

Dear Glee,

Show, you know I love you. So let it be said that this list is issued with the best of intentions. Because sometimes, well, there's a line and you're over it.

1. Put down the auto-tune and back away slowly. I know that Cory Monteith, as adorable as he is, isn't well, a trained singer. And he might from time to time have trouble with certain notes. But the use of auto-tune has been ramping up over the season and at some point you just have to put your foot down. Particularly when it's being used on people who don't need the extra help - like Lea Michele. I'm a forgiving person, but when every single song starts to sound extra metallic, someone's gotta say stop. Remember how awesome Don't Stop Believing was? More like that, please. In fact, if it's necessary to cut back on the amount of singing in order to up the quality, I can live with that.

2. On that note (heh), enough with the voice-overs. I like voice-overs. Especially when they're snarky. But when it's just a cheap way to have your characters spell out their emotions ... blech. Less is more.

3. A little more character continuity wouldn't go amiss. When your characters lurch between criminally stupid, diabolically evil, and maniacally bitchy ... just a tad less now and then would be appreciated.

4. You know how there's that thing that no one on this earth would do? Like tell the very conservative parents of his girlfriend that she's pregnant IN SONG? Well, you just did it. The line, she is over there.

5. And ok, sometimes an amazingly intense, well-acted scene between a man and his not!pregnant wife can save an otherwise wretched plot, but really, watch it. Two pregnancy deception story lines are kind of nuts, yes?

6. Oh, minor characters. Hi! You almost never get to speak and we're only vaguely aware of your names, but you do sing and dance so that's something, right? Be good, boys and girls, and one day you may have a pregnancy storyline all your own.

7. While you get points for a diverse cast, only Sue Sylvester is allowed to make racist/sexist and otherwise offensive jokes. She's funny. Other people? No. What I'm trying to say is, NO. MORE. DEAF. jokes. In fact, let's excise Hairography entirely.

8. Stunt casting is a double-edged sword. Use it wisely.

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